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I’d have thought that the rapid proliferation of widescreen televisions would have put an end to this ignorance, but apparently enough people own “regular” televisions and don’t know anything about how to properly display a film.

First, a brief history:

When silent films first emerged, they were…

The reason I began buying “widescreen” DVDs in the 90s, to watch on my 27” square TV, since upgraded by millions of pixels.

Last week in Los Angeles I participated in a live Q&A as part of an ASCAP expo on songwriting. When the topic of Twitter came up, I explained my waning interest in it being part of my daily life. By no means do I think it’s over as a medium altogether, but I do think that the days of “Twitter: The…

The 20,000th Person to do This

So, John Mayer told me via Twitter to join Tumblr, and I hesitated. I mean, we started off simply as MySpace friends, evolved into a Facebook friendship, and eventually I became a follower. I’ll admit, I feel like I entered the Twitter party late, as millions of pornbots had already secured better usernames than mine:

I tried MikeCullen: taken. Mike: taken. MikeC: taken MCullen: taken. Hell, even MyColon was taken. Alas, my name MikeCullen was available here, so if this all ends up as a waste of time, at least I can auction off my username. Even though it’s been my name for 34 years…

At least I feel like I’m getting in early. 

So thanks to John Mayer, I’m the only person I actually know on Tumblr.

Suggestively Yours,